What is YFU?

YFU (ワイフ — /ˈwaɪfuː/) is a fair start distribution token built on the ethereum blockchain, this token acts as the core governance mechanic for YFU finance products and their future collectible ecosystem designed to satisfy waifu, anime, DeFi, and crypto enthusiasts.

YFU Finance envisions to grow into the biggest Crypto/Anime community in the world and we are working day and night to indulge our community members while pushing our YFU tokens into a common, easy and effective way to satiate the communities wants and needs.

We are taking advantage of new DeFi technologies and mechanics such as the revolutionary Yield Farming to create a fun, inclusive and better distributed community into a broader market while serving as a platform for enthusiasts to have fun, learn, communicate and profit from this ecosystem.

Your fun and fair significant YFU

Fair start

Similar to other experimental platforms such as Yearn Finance (YFI), the objective is having a fair distribution of tokens and allowing anyone interested to participate, as such YFU finance will go all out and distribute the entirety of all its 12,400,000 YFU tokens through intermittently creating stacking pools where anyone can join.

The only way to acquire YFU is through rewards from the stacking pools. There is no pre-mine therefore YFU finance does not own any YFU previous to the public community stacking and thus will not be selling any YFU, resulting in a fair start for everyone who participates.

YFU finance, has a growing community where members participate in several dynamics such as games and contests, they are also encouraged to share their ideas about the project and its future, this way members not only profit from rewards but also have fun and a good time as they become themselves part of the plot.

Touch my YFU and I’ll take your laifu

Unique NFT’s and Collectibles

In the next few days we will be launching our first set of NFTS, this set of 20 unique waifu NFTS have been designed by talented designers and artists from our own community, the collectibles will soon be enlisted in respected “rarible.com”. Don’t lose the opportunity to acquire one of this rare NFTS.

If interested in acquiring one of this unique collectibles join our discord server (https://discord.gg/gcUar7A) or follow us at twitter @YFuFinance for more information, as there will soon be a giveaway.

Our team is very excited as we see the proyect evolving, our community expanding, and the coveted future of the project growing clearer and closer. We are confident YFU will be a complete success, after all, who doesn’t want a YFU?

-The YFU Team.

YFU Community project https://anime.limited