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Introducing Anime Limited

Our team is proud to introduce you to Anime Limited, the evolution of! After growing our circle, surpassing several milestones and listening to both our partners and community’s commentaries, we have decided to take the project to the next level by addressing anime in…

As a way of thanking all of our strong holders, we are proud to announce that we just sent $20,000 worth of LP tokens to all wallets with more than 500 YFUs. The $20,000 was divided prorate according to the number of tokens among those who qualified, and in the…

What is YFU?

YFU (ワイフ — /ˈwaɪfuː/) is a fair start distribution token built on the ethereum blockchain, this token acts as the core governance mechanic for YFU finance products and their future collectible ecosystem designed to satisfy waifu, anime, DeFi, and crypto enthusiasts.

YFU Finance envisions to grow into…

YFU a community token!

YFU (ワイフ — /ˈwaɪfuː/) is a community token for the YFU finance and its collectible ecosystem. It’s meant as the core governance mechanic for the future generation of waifu/anime/defi/crypto enthusiasts. We want to create and inclusive and fun community to bring new technologies to a broader market and serve…

Anime Limited

YFU Community project

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